Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blog Explosion

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Father's Day gift - Alabama Flower Guide Book

If you are looking for the seeds of herbs, try my Dad's website...

My Dad is Larry Chandler, and he really knows his stuff. I got him a book for fathers Dad about the native wild flowers native to Alabama. He will love it! Here is a picture of him.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Table Scraps Make Good Fertilizer!

Table Scraps Make GREAT Fertilizers!
I was noticing the other day that the weeds around our kitchen scraps pile were a very dark green, darker than the rest of the weeds in the field... when I got to thinking... you know, kitchens scraps do make great compost! They are all natural and totally free! If you throw your scraps in the trash, rethink how you dispose of all your kitchen scraps. All the plant material breaks down easily from your kitchen scrap bowl. Beware that meats will encourage dogs to eat the scraps, so usually they may be best left out, but leftover fish is very good fertilizer! Ask the indians! They always buried a fish under each corn plant to provide the soil with fertilizer. Other great scraps include..
  1. Egg shells - Calcium source for soil. Soak in water 24 hours to water plants by.
  2. Carrots
  3. Banana peels
  4. Corn shucks
  5. tomato scraps
  6. onion skins
  7. ...and the list goes on!

Other houshold fertilizers can include hair, sawdust, lawnmower clippings, and more!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome to Chris Chandler's garden blog!

Welcome to the Blog of Chris Chandler, Garden Wiz! I am a lifelong gardener since the time I planted a small flower garden as a child in a rural area of Northeast Alabama known as Lakeview. I remember my Dad working the vegetable garden, when I was 8, with a tiller while I was behind the chicken coop planting the zinnia seeds I had ordered from Burpee's seed catlog during the winter. Nevertheless, even though I was not much at tending to my garden, I did get flowers out of those tough Zinnias amongst all the tough weeds. Amazingly, 10 years later as a teenager, I went back to that same spot and saw a small zinnia flower still fighting the weeds in that tough location! Amazing what a few seeds can do even without weed pulling!