Thursday, February 23, 2006

Have A Green Thumb? Put Some in Your Palm too!


Who of you out there have the green thumb that can make even the shadiest garden look green, the rockiest earth look Eden-like, the hardest ground a fertile plantation? Well, for those garden magicians out there, that are looking to either make an extra buck or start a career, I recommend the eBook by Michael J. McGroarty. He can take you from start to finish on starting a backyard nursery business.

If you are a stay at home mom, or even a bank executive that just loves to garden, Michael's book about growing your own free plants, is a must read. Not only can you grow a huge amount of plants to sell with little overhead, but you will find that the gardening tips on plant propagation is valuable information for your own home garden.

I love his detailed plans on how to organize materials and propagating plants even in the smallest backyard. Then he goes into detail in how to go about selling your plants. And what is great is that there is no need for huge, expensive greenhouses, but just the basic tips to get your green thumb to greening your palm as well (with money that is)!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Want to Plant Bulbs? Itching to view a bulb catalog? Try Dutch Gardens!

Dutch gardens is a really cool place to look for bulbs. Their bulbs are grown in the place of some of my ancestory, Holland. Yes... my ancestors once wore wooden shoes. Thank God for Nike! Anyway, you will find that they offer a wide variety of bulbs from my beloved buttercups to Holland's own famous tulips!

They have an amazing array of GLADIOLUS! I love those plants. Their flowers are spectacular in late June and early July here in Alabama. In fact, the flowers are so numerous that the plants often fall over from the weight! I would recccomend staking these beauties before that happens.

To view their catalog click on the banner below..
$25 off $50

Buttercups Peeping Up - It's Spring! Well... Almost!

I looked out the window to see a welcome surprise this early in the year (February).. BUTTERCUPS! I love those little flowers. They spring up out of the cold ground before anything else and they announce to the world that spring is coming! BUT...

Old man winter still has his grip here in North Alabama.

It is in the mid 30's for high temps here and it looks like that will be the pattern for the upcoming weekend. Dan Satterfield at WHNT 19 in Huntsville, AL is predicting snow for this weekend, although we have heard that already and seen nothing but cold rain! As much as I love spring, one big snow would be great. We have a sled to pull my girls on and they don't remember the last snow we had that was a few years ago. By Wednesday though, Dan says it will warm back up to the 50' my buttercups a chance to come back out after the "snow" :-))

Another up close shot of the buttercups here.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Order the Home Gardeners Problem Solver - Good Book

Good book answering the tough questions for home gardening...

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