Friday, August 25, 2006

Looking for Ground Covers?

Ground covers are plants that quite literally help "cover the ground"! Boy that was tough! Anyway... These plants are very beautiful and important to a backyard landscape. They can help to prevent erosion, weed growth, unslightly views of the ground, as well as simply add beauty and fullness to any landscape. There are many to consider like...

Halliana Japanese Honeysuckle
Japanese Spurge
Dwarf Mondo Grass
Green Carpet Japanese Spurge
Silveredge Japanese Spurge
Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus
Virginia Creeper - This can be mistaken by novices as a poison ivy but it has 5 leaves not 3 like poison oak or ivy.
Barren Strawberry
Chameleon Plant
Creeping Wirevine
Big Ears Lambs Ears - Not really lambs ears for all you animal rights people! hahaha
Beacon Silver Lamium
Golden Anniversary Lamium
Orchid Frost Lamium
Pink Pewter Lamium
White Nancy Lamium
Big Blue Liriope
Spicata Liriope
Variegated Liriope
Golden Moneywort
Goldilocks Moneywort
Oriental Limelight
Illmuniation Periwinkle - I love the yellow leaves of this plant!
Candy Stripe Phlox
Emerald Blue Phlox
Buttered Popcorn Ranunculus
Silver Brocade
Silver Mound
Bigleaf Periwinkle

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